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Skip navigation! Story from Politics. My great-grandmother was a widow and a landowner in China who lost everything during the Communist Revolution.

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That, as you can imagine, is a whole lot of people about 1. So a part of me understands the reason why friends and strangers alike assume that I am Chinese. Ahead, here's a list of other generalizations and misconceptions we should really wrap our heads around:.

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It was somewhat of a non sequitur from the conversation. He proceeded to give me a knowing look before launching into a monologue about his ever-enlightening travel experiences and exes overseas. He grins at me.

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Growing up in Vancouver, WA a predominantly white areaI remember feeling a discomfort toward my features. This adjective was supposedly meant as a compliment, but the meaning of that word is "introduced from another country, not native to the place where found. We are not anchored in the same way, making it easy for us to lose our identities or feel lost trying to navigate the intersection between our cultures. This photo project has been on my mind since coming to Los Angeles because I finally lived in a place where there were people who looked like me.

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I was chatting to an expat in a bar last week who concluded that I must be good at languages to explain my success so far. Languages like Korean, Mandarin and Arabic tend to draw this kind of negativity from people and it usually comes from bitter people who gave up at some point early on. Crucial to success in any foreign language pursuit is staying positive.

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But it was also partially about me. During my teens and early 20s, I was vehemently against dating Asian guys. When friends tried to pair me up with the one Chinese guy in elementary school, as if we were meant to be because I was the only Chinese girl, I quickly became annoyed.

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They had come to the United States as immigrants with only a couple hundred dollars and worked their way up to a middle-class income. Plus, Asian students as a whole had great reputation for being doing well in school and getting into prestigious universities. In my eyes, they were successful.

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KIM November 15, Which begs the question: why? I sometimes ask that aloud.

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I spent the first three months of a yearlong trip as Business Insider's international correspondent exploring various parts of Asia. While you are likely to have some cultural mix-ups as an American visiting European countries, it's nothing compared to Asia, where the proper etiquette or behavior often seems to be the complete opposite of what it is in America. That said, there are over 40 countries in Asia, and while there are commonalities, each has a very distinct culture.

When Warner Bros. It would be a rare, major U. It would also be a romantic comedy, a genre Hollywood has fallen out of love with.


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