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The prenatal hormone exposures and genetic processes that link fingers to penises are still unknown, the researchers wrote, though testosterone in the womb seems to play a role. Stretched lengths ranged from nearly 3. But the lower the digit ratio, the study found, the longer the penis was likely to be. That makes digit-ratio measurement far more than a fancy bar trick, wrote McQuade, who was not involved in the research. Stretched penis length is statistically correlated to the size of the penis when fully erect.

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Madisyn. Age: 30.
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Are your index and ring fingers mismatched?

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Renata. Age: 32.
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Finger Length Linked to Penis Size

Studies have found that the ratio between the second and fourth finger is related to sperm count, likelihood of heart attack, hand preference, facial masculinity and more. While the men were under anesthesia, the researchers measured their finger lengths and both their flaccid and stretched penis lengths. Correction : This article was edited to correct an error in the first paragraph regarding the mismatch between the ring and index fingers. The idea that men's finger ratio and hormone exposure are linked is not a new one.

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