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A lot of these families have Facebook pages or community chatrooms where they keep in touch with one another and it got out there that I was making a film. WCT: That's pretty incredible. It's a film about extinction. For one, it probably is one of the smallest minorities in the world. Please do not post letters to the editor here. CNN has picked up the film for distribution, and it is expected to have a theatrical run early next year, followed by broadcast on the network and an eventual DVD release. It's truly the documentary version of that.

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Brenna. Age: 26.
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We've just started pre-production on it and getting scientists on board but it's going to happen in our lifetime.

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Alissa. Age: 31.
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New Blood Entry — Sole Type

Something, I think, about seeing the trailer and seeing other sole survivors really moved her to the point of wanting to get involved. Dickens and producer Amy Clay will be at both screenings. I told him I would film him doing that and he acknowledged that that would raise him to his bravest self and that's when the film started to take shape.

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