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Woman B: When I was about I think it's really stigmatized among women. Is there a particular genre of lesbian porn you prefer? Sometimes I like to watch straight porn, or threesomes. Woman B: Not really, however I would much rather watch anal porn with lesbians then a man and a woman. Straight porn tends to focus on the man's pleasure, but with lesbian porn it is solely the women's pleasure. What medium of porn do you use?

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Alicia. Age: 21.
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I feel like I enjoy sex more and am better at it now, but that might be a "practice makes perfect" thing, and not a direct connection to lesbian porn.

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Joselyn. Age: 31.
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Straight Women Explain Why They Like Watching Lesbian Porn

Do you exclusively watch lesbian porn, or do you mix it up? Woman B: When I was about I always try to look for the most softcore stuff, but there's so little of it that I'm actually into and don't just feel uncomfortable watching. Because I would rather have sex with a guy, watching straight porn allows me to picture myself more within it.

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