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As with all celebrities, there were nude photos of Liv being leaked to the internet every day. She shivered at those words and her nipples became even more erect. Her pussy was soaked and I could tell she was ready for more. She couldn't take it any longer and she broke the kiss and started to kiss my neck and squeeze my round tits. Liv's face between my dripping pussy, hungrily eating my cum. I gently pushed on her shoulders until she took the hint and laid herself down on my bed. I looked back up to see her virgin pussy for the first time.

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So while everyone else was still fighting to get to her, she walked right passed them, straight toward me.

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We were both moaning against each other's pussies, the vibrations from our moaning causing us both to get closer to our orgasms. I've seen her naked plenty of times. She tilted her head and looked down at me between her legs. Story Story Writer Forum Community.

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