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how tall is peggy hill
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Peggy is very protective of Luanne, and has defended her niece from Luanne's abusive and alcoholic mother, Leanne. Ultimately, Peggy's self-importance rings true, as she renamed the restaurant "Peggy's" Sugarfoot's which saved Buck's marriage as Hank, Buck and Buck's wife were horrified by the new changes. In season 11, after writing a negative article about a local real-estate agent, she is fired from the newspaper but then hired by the real-estate agent where she then works for the remainder of the series. Please improve this by adding secondary or tertiary sources. Platter is seen visiting the Hills' home, implying that she lives in or near Arlen, Texas , and is on speaking terms with her daughter, although the episode "Happy Hank's Giving", in which Mrs. However, this is seemingly at odds with the later revelation from the second-season episode "I Remember Mono" that Peggy and Hank met and began dating just prior to their senior year of high school, with Valentine's Day falling near the six-month mark in their relationship.

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But, in the end, Peggy accepted the relationship, realizing that Lucky made Luanne happy and that Lucky was a genuinely good man.

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Peggy Hill

Please improve this by adding secondary or tertiary sources. Peggy lied to Luanne by telling her that Hoyt was working on an oil rig when he was actually in prison. Other characters seem to tolerate Peggy's behavior. Peggy is completely devoted to her husband and family.

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