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I'll venture to guess that most men have tried their own spooge out of curiosity, even if they never had the urge to do it again. Duluth Known for its craft breweries, Duluth now jumping on the dry wagon am. Unfortunately, that's not enough to be considered a supplement to improve one's diet. Nothing about healthy, consensual sex including sex with yourself is weird; there are just different ways of doing it. So is it weird that you enjoy eating your own ejaculate? This low-calorie treat has just five to seven calories in the average teaspoon-size serving and comes with some protein, amino acids and a few vitamins and minerals.

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eat own cum instructions

There's something to be said for not only wearing but also tasting the byproduct of a particularly hot shared moment.

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Minneapolis FBI joins investigation into Mpls. Russell, other new Wolves meet fans, media downtown. Sports Russell, other new Wolves meet fans, media downtown 11 minutes ago. Even with a little help from your friends -- as long as we're being adventurous here -- it would probably be more goo than you're willing to swallow in one sitting.

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