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The BRV I received was black, which is nice and sleek, definitely my 1 color of choice. The prototype is lightweight but sturdy; it works very well. A fully open airway can be dialed down to being closed by a quarter turn. Imagine adding variable airflow control to a stock gas mask. I feel as if my mind has been read, this is the perfect accessory for breathplay fans!! Included with my BRV was an o-ring for the female 40mm port, in the event it was missing in the gas mask, to ensure a perfect seal between the two is achieved. Was not really aware of this one.

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When exposed quadrants don't line up, airflow is prevented.

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The BRV base has a standard 40mm male connector with a tactile grip, this is capped by a lid capable of rotating 90 degrees. It uses a standard 40 mm NATO gas mask connection. The BRV base and lid each have two exposed quadrants and two blocked quadrants. Imagine adding variable airflow control to a stock gas mask.

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