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sean cody winter getaway
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Well all the original 5 disappeared right after the orgy. Got this for free, still no love from me. Either way they would have filmed a lot of stuff out of sequence, and that includes a lot of these inserted shots. Then again, something this disappointing is a fitting way to end this series. Question is, do they even care?

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Lyric. Age: 24.
sean cody winter getaway

Question is, do they even care?

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Elise. Age: 20.
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Atticus in Seancody Winter Getaway: Day 5 December 26, 2015 Muscles, Bareback

Around what time does the 1st pic with Joey happen in the scene??? I noticed in that scene too. Since before then…when SC himself seemed to be over it all and put the for sale sign in the front yard. There you have it gang, another reason why G4P is a total loss.

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