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Is she going to try for Rio in '16? Maybe you want me to bring up pics of dead middle eastern babies by US bombs, so jokes can be made on those again, like has been done in these forums before? Looked like a liability for her. There was a Swiss woman with a rack and a half. While their attire made joining the kids on the playground a bit of a challenge, they gave it a sincere try. Wait until they get closer , then press the button like this!!

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And another one who gives the other guys a pass for suggesting a caption.

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I'm sure we all wish them every success and hope their lives will be happy ones. Every single one of you who posted on that image should have lawsuits coming at you from both of those athletes. I knew a Syrian programmer who worked at MS and he was happy to be here and leave that pile of shit, the ME, behind him. And I agree with restrictions but their choice is their choice.

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