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You love the style, but finding knee-high boots that will actually go over your calve muscles is a feat that usually involves trying on dozens and dozens of pairs, and most of the time ends in misery. Perhaps this isn't totally common knowledge, but apparently, the shape of our calf muscles are compared to vegetables, according to research that aimed to end the struggle of finding the perfect boot. Though it's a so-called "rule" to not wear skirts that bring the eye directly to your calves if you have a thicker lower leg, you know you are perfectly entitled to break that rule. However, mini and maxi skirts can be a bit more of a fun option for ya. Despite the "issues" you might face with your big calves, one thing is for sure: Your legs look stunning in a pair of heels. My legs are shaped much like my father's — prone to toned calves without even having to try. Once you do find that illustrious pair, you hold on to it for as long as it'll last, because there's no telling when you might find another good pair again.

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Kali. Age: 31.
hot girls with big legs

Katie Holmes' calves are called parsnips.

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Mikayla. Age: 25.
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Which Celeb Has The Most Beautiful Legs?

Of course, your sense of self-worth should never come down to the opinions of others, but having a significant other or potential significant other who appreciates something about your body you previously beat yourself up about can, realistically, improve the way you see that body part yourself. And there's just no need to have to make them slimmer when you are perfect as you are. But if nothing else, I'm pretty fond of my veggies, so I'll take this one as a compliment.

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