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Beatty most famously played Bobby, a character who is brutally raped by a hillbilly in John Boorman's tense thriller Deliverance Since the s, filmmakers have justified portrayals of rape as honest and necessary, as dialogue starters, but for all the talk these scenes have elicited from viewers and critics, is Hollywood having its own internal dialogue? Director Rachel Feldman has shot scenes of rape and violence against women but learned to push back against sensationalism. Mark Kelly is a genial, thoughtful guy, who moved from Oregon to Los Angeles for a career as a comic actor. But then they explained that they hadn't fully realized how much filming that scene, playing the rapist, would affect him emotionally.

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Some do not, like Game of Thrones , which — like the s Italian giallo shock films — seems to use rape as a way to get naked women and men on screen.

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For her, it's a lot of direction: "Right arm on left shoulder. An independent pro wrestler character name: Fire! Billy Jack , Death Wish , The Last House on the Left and A Clockwork Orange all featured their own brutal rape scenes, the latter driving away at least one actress who called the filming "too humiliating. His experience opens up yet another buried aspect about the prevalence of rape in film: how actors who play rapists cope with the experience.

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