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liara father
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For the rest of her lifespan, she had many mates, including a turian , elcor , and a hanar. Aethyta has very different views on matters than other matriarchs and a very free-spirited, laissez-faire attitude to life. With a Paragon interrupt, Shepard can explain that they only worked for Cerberus to stop the Reapers, and is no longer with them. She also mentions that Shepard's past affiliation to Cerberus is one of Liara's "shady connections". After talking to Aethyta, Shepard can tell Liara about her.

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liara father

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Matriarch Aethyta

Her proposal that the asari should try to construct new mass relays was met with ridicule, causing the other asari to "laugh the blue off [her] ass". Aethyta confirms that she is in fact Liara's "father" and is watching Liara on behalf of other asari matriarchs, who are suspicious because of Liara's occupation as a powerful information broker, her relationship with Matriarch Benezia , and her friend Shepard's prior affiliation with Cerberus. Aethyta agrees when Shepard tells her that Liara would love to meet her but is not particularly optimistic about a proper conversation. If Shepard recovers the Biotic Amplifier Schematics from Grissom Academy or buys them via the Spectre Requisitions terminal , the asari in Huerta Memorial that receives them tells her caller to inform Aethyta that she successfully acquired the tech.

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