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Re-create a much comfier version of Madonna's infamous cone bra in the bubble bath. For a sexy sensation the next time you're getting busy in bed, get your guy to try this technique with his hand: Make a V with his index and middle fingers, and lightly scissor them around your nipples. Then show off your safely bronzed twins by hitting up a secluded beach or ahem, a private yacht like Gisele did with your guy. Grab your vibrator while the two of you are in bed, and run it back and forth across your breasts and nipples for an added jolt of pleasure. Wrap a cool, damp washcloth around each one after running errands on a hot day. Using a circular motion and medium pressure, rub from the base of your boobs up along the outer edges, stopping just below your armpits. Covertly flash him in an empty stairwell before a party, during a hike, in your car in the parking lot

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Hide tickets to that baseball game your guy's been dying to go to in your bra, and tell him to go hunting for hidden treasure.

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Smooth on sunscreen, then spritz body oil between the twins to give them a sexy poolside sheen. Master the art of using double-sided tape. Use them to give your guy a sensual back rub. Banish uniboob by treating your breasts to a sexier sports bra we like Lululemon's Hot Class the next time you go for a run or play coed softball.

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