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This gave Nerissa the edge she needed to take control of Cassidy's mind. Cassidy refused her several times, saying she had no regrets about being dead and that she didn't trust Nerissa's intentions; still, Nerissa finally made her want to live again by taking her to see the still-living Emily. She says she bears no ill will towards Nerissa for killing her or the Oracle for letting her die, claiming that they did only what they were supposed to do to keep balance in the universe. Their conversation ends with Cassidy giving Will her own Heart of Kandrakar to battle Nerissa before Cassidy vanishes into her star, assumed to be a sign her spirit has moved on. She mentioned she liked walking into the ocean, looking at cute boys and going for a swim. Nerissa became obsessed with the power lost. Cassidy's compassion for her mother, who missed her a lot, made her break down and tell Nerissa she wanted to live again, so she could be with Emily again.

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Cassidy was very "aquatic": she liked swimming, and was on the Sheffield Institute swim team, the Sheffield Sea Slugs.

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Marlee. Age: 27.
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Katie Cassidy and Tracy Spiridakos in Kill for me

She was later able to break free of Nerissa's mind control during a battle with the W. She became a Guardian at the age of fifteen. This gave Nerissa the edge she needed to take control of Cassidy's mind.

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