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As Naruto is thinking, ' really Shikamaru? All of your sperm will come out of me all at once. We are over Shikamaru, you can go to the wedding or not, it's up to you" says Temari as she walks away as she is heading over to the Hokage Tower. Your review has been posted. Naruto looks at her and says "w-well i-it's only fair to tell that I don't know anything about sex" as he laughs a bit, as Temari says "so your a virgin in a way? Temari sighs at that and says "your right, but whom can I found? As Temari sees her inner walls are getting tighter onto Naruto's cock as more of it is entering her while Naruto is folding her breasts as he starts pinching her nipples thus making her screams louder than before while Naruto is thrusting his cock deeper into her then back.

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While what Gaara and Kankuro that Naruto that with them is a clone as the real one is busy with something else and the same goes for Temari.

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In the Master bedroom Naruto, the real one is getting his cock licked by his wives while sucking onto Temari's the real one, pregnant triple N cup breasts as he is drinking her milk as she is moaning like crazy, "y-you are we should be doing this Naruto dear! Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. As Naruto had taken off his net shirt as it on the floor and started undoing his pants as it, leaving only his boxers on, but however, it's barely holding back Naruto's fully harden 17 and a half inch cock, and Temari is shocked beyond of anything, "t-that i-is a-a b-behemoth size cock!

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