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It is established that, together with Gretchen, he is planning on double crossing Michael and his team after they steal Scylla, in order to sell it to a Chinese crime syndicate for million dollars. T-Bag's character is once again central to the plot, as he holds Whistler's bird book. He later tracks the mercenaries to Virginia in Kellerman's car, where he witnesses them meeting with Jacob, Sara's new husband. Retrieved on June 25, Beginning from the eighteenth episode, the next part of Bagwell's storyline concerns his decision to travel to Thailand.

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During an unseen encounter, Bagwell is coerced by Agent Kim into aiding the Company's plot to capture Lincoln and Michael, who are also in Panama.

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In the following episodes, T-Bag appears mainly in scenes at Gate, where he continues to play a salesman. Bagwell, having placed a tracking device in the bag, tracks it down and kills Geary by smashing his head with a champagne bottle. Bagwell passes the key, which has the location information on it.

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